Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cyber Forensics Polls By Perry4Law And PTLB

In order to ensure better cyber forensics environment in India, Perry4Law and PTLB have been conducting polls to ascertain whether India has sufficient cyber forensics capabilities?

The first poll is available at the cyber forensics in India blog of Perry4Law and immediately below the blog archives segment. Only 5 days are remaining so cast your votes immediately.

The second poll is available at Linkedin under the polls segment. Click to the recent polls and there you would find the poll in this regard. It would be there for a month. Cast your votes immediately.

The result of the polls would be shared by Perry4Law and PTLB with all the stakeholders if sufficient database and information is available in this regard. So kindly vote at these polls and encourage your friends to do it as well.

The result of these polls would also be shared with Indian government with suitable suggestions and recommendation from Perry4Law, PTLB, general public and all stakeholders.

If you need a better legal and judicial system that can fight against growing cyber crimes and cyber attacks against India, kindly do the needful.