Sunday, November 13, 2011

Counter Terrorism Capabilities Of India Are Not Sufficient

Of late, the terrorist activities in India have increased significantly. Unfortunately, Indian government has not been able to deal with terrorism nuisance effectively. In the war against terrorism, India has miserably lost the same despite many efforts in this regard.

There are many shortcomings of Indian counter terrorism initiatives. The most important shortcoming is that Indian national security policy is missing. Even the counter terrorism capabilities of India are not satisfactory. To make the situation worst, the turf war in India is compromising the national security in India. This is the main reason why the national counter terrorism centre of India has also been downsized.

Even in the cyberspace Indian capabilities to deal with cyber terrorism are limited. Cyber security in India is not up to the mark and we must seriously consider developing cyber warfare capabilities in India and anti cyber terrorism capabilities in India. Questions about cyber security of Indian nuclear facilities and centers have also been raised.

It is high time for Indian government to seriously consider developing anti terrorism capabilities and anti cyber terrorism capabilities. Mere assurances and verbal achievements would do more harm to India at this stage.