Saturday, June 12, 2010

Online Indian Legal Services Exams Coaching In India

Baljeet Singh

Indian legal profession urgently requires an overhaul. From legal education to legal fraternity, qualitative products are rare to find. If the base itself is weak, the law students cannot excel in the legal career. The law students not only need qualitative education but also sufficient training and coaching to clear various exams like bar examination, judicial examinations, etc. The latest among the list is the Indian legal services (ILS) exams.

Law Minister Mr. Veerappa Moily has taken lots of steps to rejuvenate the legal education and legal standards in India. He has recently expressed his desire to conduct all India legal services exams on the lines of civil services exams. This is a good step in the right direction.

However, it also requires a totally different infrastructure and mentality. If the Law Minister needs qualitative products, he must also make it sure that we have sufficient training and coaching centres in India that can cater the requirement of present India. In the absence of the same, we have to accommodate existing institutions for this purpose that may not serve the purpose.

At Perry4Law Techno-Legal Base (PTLB) we understand and cater the requirements of law students and legal professionals from the stage of law graduation till working at the governmental departments. We also appreciate the need of an online environment where students can enroll and participate from any part of the world.

Our online platforms are available for techno-legal subjects and fields like cyber law as well as for traditional legal fields as required for bar exams and ILS exams, judicial exams, etc. For cyber law we have managed an online cyber law platform whereas for bar exams, ILS, judiciary exams, government departments exams, etc we have launched an online platform covering these areas (presently bar exams only). We hope our efforts and initiatives would prove useful to all concerned.

You can find more about this initiative here.