Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is Google Against Use Of Tor Software?

There is a question that has been troubling me for long. The question is whether Google is against use of Privacy safeguards like Tor software? This question arose as one of my friends used the Tor network while opening a new Blog.

It seems Google misunderstood the Tor traffic as malicious activities and removed the blog from its database. The complete details of the same are available at its Help Forum. Fortunately, I got some good suggestions and guidance from one of the Top Contributors there named Nitecruzr.

These suggestions and guidance helped me in understanding much of the procedure of Google and the common mistakes that must be avoided. However, the core question still remains unanswered?

The only question to be considered is whether use of privacy and cyber security safeguards like Tor software is in itself sufficient ground to remove a blog from Google’s database?

If a blog is not a spam blog or otherwise not a malware infected, does the mere use of Tor violates the terms and conditions of Google? I have submitted a review request with Google and keeping in mind their competencies and professional attitude, a result is expected soon.

When Google and others are working in the direction of strengthening the privacy of its users, use of Tor per se should not be any problem. For instance, Google itself is working in the direction of making browsers more secure and anonymous.

We hope Google would not be against privacy of its users as such.