Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Legal Assistance For Cyber Crime Cases In India

Cyber crime cases have increased significantly in India. However, there is a general lack of awareness among public at large as well as police and judicial system regarding cyber law and cyber crimes.

As a result most of the cyber crimes are not reported at all. Even if some cyber crimes are reported they are not investigated properly and this results in very few cyber crime convictions.

In most of the cases lack of cyber crime conviction is the primary result of absence of proper legal assistance to prosecute cyber crimes. We have very few cyber law firms in India that are truly cyber law firms. Perry4Law is the best cyber law firm of India that is providing cyber law and other techno legal services.

In fact, the techno legal segment of Perry4Law known as Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) is managing the exclusive techno legal cyber crime investigation centre of India. The cyber crime investigation centre is playing a conclusive role in conducting cyber crime investigations in India and providing techno legal services to the victims of cyber crimes and cyber frauds.

Along with cyber law, areas like cyber security and cyber forensics must also be explored by the legal fraternity. The cyber security legal practice in India is still in infancy stage and we have hardly any cyber security lawyers and law firm in India except Perry4Law.

The cyber crime cells of India must seek services of techno legal firms like Perry4Law to manage and investigate cyber crime cases in India. By clubbing the expertise of law enforcement and law firms, police can produce better results.