Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trained Cyber Police Force Of India Is Needed

Modernisation of police force of India is an issue that has not received much attention of Indian government in general and ministry of home affairs of India in particular. Even the so called cyber crime cells of India lack expertise in fields like cyber law and cyber crimes. The truth is that police in India needs urgent cyber law training.

Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) of Perry4Law has been providing techno legal cyber law and cyber forensics trainings for law enforcement, lawyers, judges, corporate CEOs, etc. PTLB is the exclusive techno legal training institution of India that provides a combination of technical and legal trainings to various stakeholders.

Cyber crimes in India are increasing and victims of such cyber crimes have virtually no redress. Neither the police officials nor the courts are well trained to deal with high tech crimes in India.

Merely opening few cyber crime cells in some states would not serve the purpose. Even opening of such cyber crime cells in all parts of the country would not serve any purpose. What is the purpose of opening such cells if they cannot investigate cyber crimes and book the cyber criminals for various cyber crimes?

Till now the sole techno legal cyber forensics research, training and educational centre of India is managed by PTLB and Perry4Law. This cyber forensics centre of India has been providing cyber forensics best practices in India and is also disseminating techno legal information regarding cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, cyber espionage, cyber terrorism, human rights in cyberspace, etc at national and international level.

We need more training institutions on the lines of PTLB/Perry4Law. Further, it is high time for Indian government to work on a public private partnership model that can include techno legal institutions/firms like PTLB/Perry4Law.