Friday, June 11, 2010

Techno-Legal Cyber Security Research and Development Center Of India

V K Singh

Cyber security is essential for India. However, not much has been done in India to strengthen this crucial requirement in India. As a result cyber security in India is still in a state of flux.

The cyber security problems of India are multifold. There are almost no cyber security research institutions in India to suggest robust cyber security implementations. Cyber Security Research and Training Center of India (CSRTCI) is the exclusive research, education and training institution and centre in India regarding cyber security.

It has a repository of open source software essential for building robust and resilient cyber security infrastructure in India, says its founder and coordinator Praveen Dalal. The Center is also unique in the sense that it is the Exclusive Techno-Legal Cyber Security Center of the World. It provides domain specific and highly specialised technical and legal solutions and measures for improving cyber security of various nations and organisations, says Dalal.

The center is just one of the few techno-legal initiatives by Perry4Law Techno-Legal Base (PTLB) that has recently emerged as a premier techno-legal institute of the World. Indian cyber security would be strengthened and helped a lot by this center in the near future.

Indian Legal Services Coaching and Training Centre of India

Kunal Koel

Legal education and training in India urgently needs rejuvenation. There are very few qualitative legal educational institutions in India. However, when it comes to legal training and skill development, we can rely upon the domain specific expertise of Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) alone.

PTLB is the exclusive techno-legal platform of India that is providing domain specific and highly specialised techno legal training, education, coaching and skill development services in India. It is one of the finest in the world and has tremendous international reputation.

PTLB is managing many techno-legal initiatives and online lawyers training and educational centre is just one of them. This is the exclusive centre of India that is managing areas like bar examinations, lawyers training, lawyers skill development, judges training and skill development, law enforcement trainings, etc. It also covers training for the proposed Indian legal services (ILS) by Law Minister Veerappa Moily.

The best part is that it is providing all these trainings and skill development courses through user friendly online platforms and in an online environment. This facilitates acquiring qualitative techno-legal trainings, skill development and education from any part of the world.

The centre is also the exclusive online techno-legal training, coaching and skill development platform in the world. If you are serious about legal career, this is a platform that you must not miss.

Are Our Ministers Serious About Strong Cyber Law?

Times again we come across statements by ministries like law ministry or ministry of information technology regarding making Indian cyber law strong. Both law ministers Veerappa Moily and IT minister A. Raja have expressed their desire to amend the cyber law of India. These hints were given much after the degrading information technology amendment act 2008 was notified. However, after passing of more than one year nothing has happened on this front.

Is law ministry and IT ministry passing buck upon each other and are not serious at all. With hacking Indian sites and computer systems becoming a routine exercise in India, there is an emergent need to amend the information technology act 2000 and make it strong. But this may not happen earlier as the industrial lobbying in India will not allow this to happen so soon and our Parliament and politicians lack the essential will to do the same.