Sunday, April 18, 2010

Defence Forces Of India Require Techno-Legal Cyber Security

Cyber Security is one of the evolving fields in India. The only techno-legal cyber security research centre in India is being managed by Perry4Law. The country needs to lay down a crises management policy and a sound strategy regarding cyber security.

This subject has always been alien in the Indian scenario. The cyber security is important not only to keep the cyberspace of the country free from attacks but also keep the boundaries of the country intact. Crucial information of the country can be hijacked at times of crises. Imagine the entire banking system collapsing in times of war.

A sound cyber security policy is required to protect various types of business and the general public. The introduction of wireless communications has further complicated the spectrum. The terrorists have already managed to successfully use wireless communications to their advantage.

Recently it had been reported that Chinese hackers had successfully managed to penetrate one of the forward headquarters of the Army. The defence forces need to upgrade cyber security capabilities to meet any contingency.