Friday, December 30, 2011

Cyber Law, Cyber Security And Educational Updates 31-12-2011

This post covers some recent updates regarding cyber law, cyber security, ethical hacking education and skills development in India, censorships by Google and Facebook, cyber security of ICICI bank’s products like Internet banking and credit cards, cyber due diligence in India, malware and virus attacks, etc.

(1) Virus Attack On ICICI Bank Transactions: A Cyber Security Lapse

2) After Google It Is Facebook’s Turn To Adopt Censorship

(3) Manual Action Penalty And Censorship By Google

(4) Are ICICI Credit Cards In India Insecure?

(5) Is Facebook The Most Appalling Spying Machine?

(6) Why Google Censored Cyber Laws In India Blog?

(7) Who Is Manipulating Blogspot Blogs: Google Or Malicious Competitors?

(8) Social Media Due Diligence In India

(9) Indian Electronic Delivery of Services Bill (EDS) 2011

(10) Cyber Laws In India

(11) Cyber Due Diligence For Indian Companies

(12) Corporate IT Frauds And Cyber Crimes Investigation In India

(13) Financial Frauds And IT Crimes In Indian Companies Is Increasing

(14) Ethical Hacking Training And Courses In India

(15) Digital Preservation In India Needed

(16) Ethical Hacking Training Providers In India

(17) Ethical Hacking Training Institutes In India

(18) Chief Information Officers (CIOs) Training In India

(19) Chief Information Officers (CIOs) Made Mandatory For All Banks In India (Old Update)

(20) Indian Judiciary, Cyber Law and Websites Blocking

(21) Techno Legal E-Learning Courses In India

(22) Electronic Discovery And Litigation Support Services In India

(23) Ignorant Judicial Blocking Of Website In India

(24) Legal Issues Of Entertainment And Media Industry In India

(25) Aadhar Project Of India Is Unconstitutional Says Praveen Dalal

(26) The power of social networks

(27) WiFi Protected Setup vulnerable to Reaver tool attack

(28) Stuxnet, Duqu and the sons of the “Tilded” platform

(29) GSM mobile … the insecure network

I hope readers would find this useful.