Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aadhar Project Is Engulfed By Legality Tussle

Gunjan Singh

The aadhar project of India is facing the same fate as Natgrid has faced and in its present form it would be stalled as well, warns Praveen Dalal.

Some suggestions must be accepted before the damage is done through imposing bad policy decisions. Initially, the national intelligence grid (NATGRID) project was tried to be imposed upon Indians. The same was objected to by Praveen Dalal, the leading techno-legal expert of India. The government of India tried to implement the same despite his suggestions and as a consequence, the NATGRID project got stalled.

Now the government is once again trying to impose the unique identification project of India or aadhar project of India despite a strong recommendation against the same in its present form by Praveen Dalal.

Fortunately, some NGOs have also joined this fight of unconstitutional implementation of UID project of India. The attack upon the aadhar project is based on the same ground as were originally suggested by Praveen Dalal through his UID Project Watch initiative.

The project managers of aadhar project must resolve the issues raised by UID Project Watch initiative as soon as possible before the project meets the same fate as NATGRID has met.