Monday, May 3, 2010

Register For Bar Examination Coaching 2010

Now it is finally settled that the fresh law graduates would have to pass a bar examination before being enrolled with the Bar Council of India there is no sense in waiting for the same. Either you start preparing for the same on your own or you may take help of the leading, rather exclusive, online bar examination coaching and training centre of India.

This initiative is managed by world renowned techno-legal segment of Perry4Law known as Perry4Law techno-Legal Base (PTLB). For those who are seriously interested in getting an enrolment, this seems to be a golden opportunity.

PTLB has formally launched its “enrollment platform” where final year law students can enroll for the August/September bar Examination, 2010. Interested students may fulfill the prescribed criteria and enroll for the same.

The platform is also providing online cyber law coaching, training and internship. Interested students or professionals may also join the same.


Enrollment Opens For Various Online Legal Courses And Trainings By PTLB

Ram K Kaushik

Perry4Law Techno-Legal Base (PTLB) is one of the premier techno-legal segments of Perry4Law. It is managing techno-legal litigation, consultancy, research, ADR and ODR, LPO and KPO, trainings and many more such services of Perry4Law.

PTLB has launched some unique and great online techno-legal training, coaching and internship courses. It has also launched the exclusive online bar examination coaching and training course for fresh law graduates.

The students or professionals desiring to make a great techno-legal career must enroll with PTLB as soon as possible. Further, with the compulsory bar examination for all fresh law graduates, it would be a good idea to enroll for bar examination exams as well.

Registration for various courses, trainings and internships of PTLB can be done “Here". This is the prototype of the platform that would be available to prospective students and professionals for the courses and trainings of PTLB.

Since the seats are limited and early registrants would also be given a preference for subsequent courses and training of PTLB, it would be a smart decision to enroll as soon as possible.

Further, it would take some time to accustom with the online learning environment, early enrollment would also help in the same. This way before the actual course starts the students or professionals would already be aware how to use the platform for a definite success in their techno-legal careers.

Useful tips and info would also be shared with the registered users and enrolled students and professionals that would not be available to others. Get yourself a seat before they are gone and have an edge over others in techno-legal career in India.