Monday, December 26, 2011

Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Websites Blocking And Internet Censorship Updates

There are many significant developments happening in India and abroad in the fields like cyber security, websites blocking, Internet censorship, skills development an trainings, etc. Some of such developments have been covered by my digital paper titled The Priyanka Sharma Daily.

This post is summarising and giving the account of the some of these articles posted in the past few weeks.

Some of the posts worth reading are:

(1) Indian electronic delivery of services bill (EDS) 2011

(2) Social media due diligence in India

(3) Financial frauds and IT crimes in Indian companies are increasing

(4) Corporate IT frauds and cyber crimes investigation in India

(5) Ethical hacking trainings and courses in India

(6) Ethical hacking training providers in India

(7) Ethical hacking training institutes in India

(8) Chief information officers (CIOs) trainings in India

(9) E-surveillance in India

(10) Internet censorship in India

(11) Ignorant judicial blocking of websites in India

(12) Cyber law on social media and networking sites in India

(13) Social networking laws in India

(14) Social media laws in India

(15) Techno legal e-learning courses in India

(16) Legal issues of entertainment and media industry in India

(17) Google outcry lack of proper Internet intermediary laws in India

(18) Aadhar project of India may be scrapped

(19) Aadhar project of India is unconstitutional says Praveen Dalal

(20) Data security, cyber security and privacy in Indian banking industry

(21) Is online banking system of India cyber secure?

(22) Is ICICI Internet banking system cyber secure?

(23) Internet banking cyber security in India

(24) Who is manipulating and censoring Blogspot blogs: Google or malicious competitors?

(25) Why has Google censored cyber laws in India blog?

(26) Cyber security of Internet banking in India

(27) Internet banking risks in India

(28) Startfor hack, not so private and secret anymore?

(29) Israeli spy gear sent to Iran via Denmark, the dirty trade

(30) Iran, the cyber threat … are we creating a new enemy?

(31) E-Corruption … “who controls the controller?”

I hope readers would find these updates useful.