Saturday, May 23, 2009

Indian Congress Government Is Taking ICT Seriously

Congress government has come to power with a comfortable margin. This gives it a chance to go for economic reforms with a free will. During the last tenure it was under pressure to accept the decision of its allies as they were absolutely dependent upon their support. The clear public mandates this time has given Congress a free hand. Interestingly, the issues pertaining to information and communication technology (ICT) have also interested Congress that is otherwise not Congress’s cup of tea.

The sad position regarding India’s ICT reforms have been conveyed at numerous occasions by many techno-legal experts of India. Mr. Praveen Dalal, Managing Partner of Perry4Law, says that only two facts are possible when we analyse the decisions of Indian Government regarding Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Either the concerned Departments are “Corrupt” or they are “Ignorant” of the basics of ICT. Whatever the truth may be but it is definitely not in the larger interests of India’s economic, social and political development. He says that the way Congress is trying to keep the relevant Departments “blemish free” is really praiseworthy and shows its commitment to ensure ICT development in India.

Although this is a good beginning but only the time will tell how effective the Congress would be able to meet its promised manifesto. All I can say is well begun is half done. The next Parliament session would be starting very soon and there is no better place than the Parliament to introduce economic reforms in India.



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