Monday, June 8, 2009

Can India Wash The Blackspot Of Being Asia’s Most Corrupt Administration

Indian politicians and civil servants are rated to be the most corrupt persons according to the 2009 Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) released by Transparency International, (TI) the global body monitoring corruption in governance. Although the political and bureaucratic circles in India may not feel happy with this finding yet there is no doubt about the correctness of this finding. The question arises "can India wash the blackspot of being Asia’s most corrupt administration"? Also does the proposed statutory protection to the bureaucrats would make any difference in the absence of well defined responsibilities and accountabilities?

A well reported news item has also raised a very pertinent question regarding guaranteeing public service. It claims that while the idea of protecting bureaucrats seem to be worthwhile, it seem designed more to protect civil servants than to make sure that they do their job properly. Accountability to the public has to be ensured, in a measurable manner, with proper feedback systems do that bureaucratic incompetencies can be minimised.

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