Saturday, April 3, 2010

Champions Of Indian E-Governance Initiatives

E-governance in India is not making the desired impact. The reason for the same is lack of proper insight and expertise in this regard. However, there are some very good initiatives and experts in India who can make a big difference in successful implementation of Indian e-governance projects. Techno-legal experts like Praveen Dalal have been contributing for the legal enablement of ICT systems in India, e-governance regulations and policy formulations in India, etc.

Similarly, a Portal run by Samir Sachdeva is a wonderful example how private individuals can contribute in this regard. It carries wholesome and diverse information about e-governance in India. I hope India can have more such experts and knowledge bases.

The Parliament of India must be ICT empowered so that it can take appropriate ICT policy decisions at the national level and enact suitable techno-legal enactments.