Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Heroes Who Saved Aadhar Project Of India

Aadhar project of India was never constitutional and legal. However, the government was confident that it would be successful in imposing the same upon Indian citizens. At this stage some public spirited individuals rose up to the occasion and forced the Indian government to reconsider its decision. Now as per the latest news, the government of India has agreed to enact a law for Aadhar project of India.

Let us see the heroes who saved Aadhar project of India from governmental arbitrariness and lawlessness.

The first and most obvious choice is the Aadhar Project Watch Initiative founded by Praveen Dalal, the leading techno-legal expert of India and a civil liberty expert of India. The suggestions and recommendations of Aadhar Project Watch Initiative of India have been finally accepted by the government of India. The government has finally agreed to enact a law to back UID Project of India or Aadhar Project of India. There was a growing dissatisfaction among the masses in India regarding the way Aadhar project has been implemented in India. Civil liberty experts like Praveen Dalal have been suggesting that aadhar project of India is illegal and unconstitutional in the absence of a legislative framework. According to Praveen Dalal, the UIDAI must not use public funds till provisions regarding the same are incorporated in the law to be formulated by Parliament of India.

It is good to see that government of India has once again accepted the suggestions that are pertinent for the successful implementation of aadhar project of India. It would be even better if techno-legal experts like Praveen Dalal are inducted into the process of law making so that both technical as well as legal aspects can be suitable incorporated into the proposed law.

Others have also raised their voices against the present form of aadhar project. For instance, V.K.Singh has given a very good account why aadhar project of India is unconstitutional. Gunjan Singh has explained that hit and trial attitude of India is the real cause of failure of these projects. Ram K Kaushik has outlined the importance of aadhar watch project of India in streamlining the efforts of UIDAI. He has also analysed the legal position when citizens of India can take recourse of private defense against the State if projects like Natgrid, Aadhar, etc are imposed upon them.

These people are the real heroes who have played a great role in strengthening the civil liberties of Indian citizens. Interestingly, aadhar is not the first project that has been opposed to by Indians. Previously, even Natgrid project was objected to and the government finally accepted the suggestions of Praveen Dalal in this regard. Let us hope that India will learn from these incidences before trying any new hit and trial project in India.