Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Made Aadhar Project Of India Unconstitutional?

The Aadhar Project of India has once again tested the lack of data protection and privacy rights in India. Data protection and privacy laws must be enacted by India as soon as possible. India does not have any specific and dedicated data protection and privacy laws in India. On the contrary India is strongly committed to e-surveillance and other forms of privacy violation activities.

Human rights have to be actively protected in Indian cyberspace. Presently India is not paying any attention towards protecting civil liberties of Indians in cyberspace.

For instance, take the example of national intelligence grid (NATGRID) that was literally imposed upon Indian citizens. Thanks to the stiff resistance by experts, it has been temporarily stalled.

Similarly, the government of India is also imposing the aadhar project of India upon Indian citizens without any legislative backing and civil liberty safeguards. If aadhar project or UID project is allowed without civil liberty protection, it would be a civil liberty nightmare for Indians. The UIDAI must not proceed further and utilise hard earned public money till a statutory framework is in place.

The ultimate call is for the Parliament of India to take that is shying away from its responsibilities. On the contrary, it is making laws like information technology amendment act 2008 (sole cyber law of India) that empowers the Indian government to snoop and violate privacy of Indians without proper safeguards.

Aadhar is violating the civil liberties of Indians. For detail kindly see:

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These articles carry all the information that proves that aadhar project is violating the civil liberties of Indians.