Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Digital Forensics Research, Training And Educational Centre Of India

V K Singh

Digital forensics in India is a new concept and as such there are very few firms, organisations or companies that can provide services in this crucial field. Further, when the issues involved are both technical and legal, it is very difficult to find experts who can provide a techno-legal analysis of the digital evidence. It seems there is an urgent need of good and effective digital forensics research and training institutions in India.

However, at least one good initiative in this regard can be found in the form of India’s exclusive digital forensics research, training and educational Centre. It is the exclusive centre that is providing “techno-legal” digital forensics litigation services, consultancy services, research, education, training, KPO and LPO services, etc.

Digital forensics in India has not grown to its full potential. This is mainly due to a weak and ineffective cyber law of India. The Information Technology Act 2000 (IT Act 2000) is an ineffective cyber law that cannot meet the requirements of present times. Further, it is also deficient regarding digital forensics perspective.

Indian government has also not done enough to provide good techno-legal training to police force in India. As a result the police force of India is unable to effectively deal with cyber crimes.

Even the cyber crimes cells of India are not well trained to apply cyber forensics properly. They are not aware when to apply what procedure to get the best results. They are not aware what they have to do at the cyber crime scene to bring the best evidence. For instance, picking up of monitor and keyboards instead of CPU is very common practice among the police force people not realising that CPU must be seized in all cases.

If police officers, lawyers, cyber law professionals, computer forensics professionals, judges, etc wish to have real and effective cyber forensics training, they may consider enrolling at the online platform managed by India’s leading techno-legal training institution named Perry4Law Techno-Legal Base (PTLB).

For lawyers and judges a separate online platform has been launched by PTLB. This platform would provide techno-legal training to lawyers and judges of India as well as other nations.

If you are looking for a techno-legal career or may be in a profession that demands techno-legal knowledge, you may consider enrolling for various courses, training and skill development programs of PTLB.