Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Australian Federal Police Opens Office In New Delhi

Transborder crimes are difficult to detect and eve more difficult to prosecute. Although there are law enforcement collaborative platforms like Interpol yet at times it becomes imperative to act swiftly.

This requires collaboration of local law enforcement agencies in real time. This has inspired the Australian federal police to open its office in New Delhi which is expected to boost their capacity to fight common threats like terrorism and cyber crime.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Tony Negus is optimistic that this would help police in both the countries in combating crime.

In this globalised and inter connected world, transnational crime is a growing threat. This is more so regarding cyber crimes that can be committed through Internet.

This is a good step and India must also, if it has not already done so, open a similar office in Australia. Further, there is also a need of joint operations and joint trainings between Indian and Australian police forces.