Friday, July 9, 2010

Twitter Please Do Not Censor Our UIDAI And Privacy Related Tweets

The best part of a democratic setup is that in case of conflicting viewpoints both sides get their respective chance to put forward their version. A similar concept applies to cyberspace where both the sides of an aspect must be freely available to the public for their appraisal.

We have been observing for the past many months that the expression “UIDAI” is subject to great deal of search engine optimisation (SEO). This term is also subject to great deal of “results censorship”.

Twitter is a platform that is known for its micro blogging and community information sharing. We have been using Twitter for some period of time. Although our experience with Twitter is great yet there is a single point where we are seriously dissatisfied, rather concerned.

Like many other places, even at Twitter our use of the expression “UIDAI” is mercilessly censored. A dominant majority of our tweets mentioning UIDAI never appears before the community for their perusal. This is so even if the same is a part of the title of news/Blog item or separately mentioned by us.

We are aware of the spam, over capacity, and other aspects pertaining to twitter and our posts are not disappearing due to these or any other technical reason.

Twitter please do not “censor” our UDIAI and Privacy related tweets.