Saturday, January 8, 2011

Computer Forensics Research And Development Needed In India

Cyber forensics or computer forensics in India is at the infancy stage. Cyber forensics is very important field that is required for many purposes. It is required for civil and criminal proceedings and it makes the criminal justice delivery system more effective and scientific.

However, despite the great demand for cyber forensics in India there is acute shortage of good cyber forensics experts in India. This is primarily due to lack of proper training and skill development institutions in India.

For instance, there is just a single techno legal cyber forensics training centre in India managed by Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB). We need more such training centers so that cyber forensics experts can be produced as per the contemporary requirements.

Once again we have a single techno legal cyber forensics research and development centre in India (CFRDCI) managed by PTLB and exclusive techno legal firm of India Perry4Law. The centre is not only doing research in the field of cyber forensics but also in allied fields like cyber security (CSRTCI), cyber warfare, cyber espionage, cyber terrorism, human rights protection in cyberspace, etc.

The centre is providing best practices for cyber forensics in India and is the exclusive repository for cyber forensics software in India. The best part of the centre is that it is managing the techno legal aspects of cyber forensics. Being techno legal it manages both legal and technical aspects of law and technology.

With the growing demands of cyber forensics in India, pressure upon the governmental laboratories and institutions is tremendous. Obviously, they cannot match the demand for growing cyber forensics requirements in the courts cases.

The government of India in general and Home Ministry in particular must actively look forward towards cyber forensics as an essential requirement for India. This is more so when projects like national intelligence grid (Natgrid), crime and criminal tracking network and systems (CCTNS), etc would be launched very soon. Let us hope for the best in this regard.