Monday, January 3, 2011

Consumer Complaint Filed Against Vodafone India

A consumer complaint has been filed against Vodafone India for deficiency in service and mental harassment at the Core Centre, supported by Ministry of Consumer Affairs. This is in continuance of the previous legal notices sent to Vodafone India in this regard.

Noted lawyer Praveen Dalal had previously issued a legal cum demand notice claiming compensation for Rs. 15 Lakhs in this regard.

Telecom companies are arbitrarily disconnecting the connections of its users by citing reverification requirements. However, none is questioning the dubious manner in which Telecom companies are collecting and then disposing the documents submitted by users at the time of getting connection.

Fortunately, department of telecommunication (DoT) is presently managed by Mr. Kapil Sibal who is reforming the entire telecom sector. When a complaint was filed to DoT in this regard, the same was transferred to Vodafone India for proper action.

However, there is an urgent need to overhaul the telecom policy of India by making it more transparent and accountable. Presently, common man finds it very difficult to deal with big telecom companies like Vodafone India.

There is also an urgent need to get timely and regular updates from telecom companies on the complaints and grievances of telecom consumers.