Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cyber Crime Policy Of India

Cyber crime is an area that requires policy formulation at the national level. In the Indian context, there is no national cyber crimes policy of India. In fact, cyber crime policy and strategies of India is so important that the issue must be taken up by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) of India. The present cyber law of India is not effective and PMO must ensure a new cyber law for India.

India needs to do extensive research on the legal and policy related issues pertaining to regulation of cyber crime at the national and global levels. Although India is not a signatory to the EU Convention on Cyber Crimes yet there is no reason for it to remain aloof from International Norms and Standards, says Praveen Dalal, managing partner of New Delhi based law firm Perry4Law and a Supreme Court lawyer.

India has been lax regarding policy formulation for techno legal issues. For instance, there is no cyber security policy and strategy in India, no national security policy of India, no national security and ICT policy of India, no ICT policy in India, no national ICT crisis management plan of India, etc.

In this background, it is no surprise that we have no cyber crime policy in India as well. When issues like Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Espionage, etc are troubling India, having no Cyber Crime Policy is not a good indication, cautions Dalal.

We must urgently formulate a good and effective Techno Legal Cyber Crime Policy for India, suggests Dalal. It is for the government of India to take the initiative as sooner or later it has to adopt ICT related policies for India. The sooner these policies are adopted the better it would be for the national interest of India.