Sunday, September 30, 2012

Electronic Courts In India

There is no second opinion that establishment of electronic courts in India is need of the hour. Technology can bring diverse advantages to the ailing judicial system of India. However, establishment of e-courts in India require techno legal expertise that is presently missing in India.

For instance, the exclusive techno legal e-courts consultancy and training centre of India is managed by Perry4Law and PTLB. Unfortunately, so far neither Perry4Law nor PTLB is extending their domain specific and techno legal expertise to Indian e-court project.

Naturally, e-courts project of India has failed to become a success and till now all India has been able to do is computerisation of few functions of traditional courts.

Similarly, on the front of online dispute resolution (ODR) as well India is lagging far behind than its international counterparts.

It is high time for Indian government to establish e-courts in India as soon as possible. Mere computerisation of few aspects would not serve the purpose as has been made clear by the increasing backlog of cases in India.

Either we can keep on fooling ourselves by announcing that we have e-courts in India or we must engage techno legal experts like Perry4Law and PTLB to do the actual ground work in this regard.