Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Google and Indian Government Censoring Radia Tapes News

Once again Google is censoring news in India. Once again Google is trying to prevent the dirty linen of Indian government from being displayed publically. However, neither Google nor Indian government can hide corruption, scams and controversies as they cannot curb the online media as per their own political interests.  

According to the latest alert by the exclusive blog on censorship initiatives of Google and Indian government, Google has once again obliged Indian government by succumbing to its censorship request. Thus, Google continues to censor news in India on behalf of Indian government.

Google has censored the news item titled “Radia Tapes, Ratan Tata’s Privacy, Fundamental Rights and Public Interest” on 05-09-2012. At the time of writing of this article on 06-09-2012, the news item is still censored. Even the posts pertaining to this disclosure at censorship blog and other blogs have been manipulated and censored by Google.

We would come up with more updates in this regard very soon. Further, we also plan to provide a consolidated post covering all these articles at a single place so that it can be circulated to maximum number of individuals.