Saturday, October 6, 2012

Google Censored Posts Of PTLB Blog-1

Censorship and manipulation of search results is the gravest form of civil liberty violation as it affects the freedom of speech and expression. Google is presently engaging in such exercises of civil liberty violations by engaging in blogs censorship and manual action penalty.

Google has censored and demoted many blogs without any justification. For instance, Google has censored International ICT Policies and Strategies Blog without any justification and explanation. ICT blog is world renowned for its bold reporting and critical evaluations. However, Google censored and demoted the same without any reason.

In continuation of our series, today we are covering the Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) Blog.  The reference of various posts of PTLB blog has been posted below so that all the stakeholders can view the same:

Data Protection Laws And Regulations In India

Privacy, Data Protection, E-Surveillance And Phone Tapping In India

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) In India

Technical And Technological Skills Development In India

Privacy Rights In India

Electronic Delivery Of Services In India

E-Delivery Of Services In India Missing

We would post more articles about this series very soon.