Saturday, May 2, 2009

Autoruns As Computer Forensics Utility

Perry4Law is providing “Cyber Forensics Tutorials” on a regular basis. The purpose of various initiatives of Perry4Law is to establish “Legal Enablement Of ICT Systems In India”. These initiatives also intend to strengthen the Cyber Law, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics Capabilities of India. We hope all the readers would be benefited by these efforts of ours.

Of many tools that PTLB and PTLITC have tested, we found Autoruns as one of the best light weight tool for analysing a system in live environment. The best part is that it is freely available for download and uses that also with full functionality. In the cyber forensics world there has been a shift from dead analysis to real time analysis of a live system. Autoruns has a potential to analyse volatile data from a suspect computer. Besides it can also be used to secure a computer by tracing and eliminating suspicious activities and programs.


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