Saturday, May 2, 2009

Best LPO And KPO Model For Clients In India

Cost reduction and efficiency are some of the reasons for outsourcing various kinds of services to India. These core attributes also apply to Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) in India (LPO in India) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) in India (KPO in India). While LPO in India is already established yet KPO in India has still to catch the rhythm. Further KPO in India requires a “Domain Specific Expertise” that has nothing to do with the size of an organisation. An organisation may be very big yet when it comes to executing domain specific tasks it may even does not exist.

This raises the natural question how to choose the most effective LPO or KPO for the concerned assignment? I think the answer is very obvious. The clients must choose that LPO or KPO which is most economical and efficient.

To be most economical the clients must “Directly” approach the concerned LPO or KPO providers. There is a trend in India where traditional outsourcing providers are trying their hands even at LPO and KPO. The hiring of few law graduates for this purpose can never meet the expertise required for an assignment. Similarly, if the work is forwarded by these outsourcing providers to actual LPO or KPO providers the costs are bound to increase. Thus, the first step for LPO and KPO clients is to approach the LPO and KPO directly.

The second step is to approach those LPO and KPO only who have the best expertise, not size, to executive the assignment. Perry4Law has recently received requests from many Multi National Companies (MNCs) dealing in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related issues for “Training” their staff in Techno-Legal matters like Cyber law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Due Diligence, etc. This shows that the traditional model of outsourcing cannot be blindly applied to at least Techno-Legal KPO segment that requires tremendous domain specific expertise. The clients must first ascertain the capabilities and expertise of the concerned LPO or KPO provider before assigning domain specific assignments.

The third step for client is to ensure that they would get “Personalised” services from the concerned LPO or KPO provider. Personalisation not only improves the quality of the end result but also provides the most accurate and desirable results. The clients must insist upon a personalised service and avoid handing of their assignment by a bunch of fresh recruiters.

Perry4Law would come up with more suggestions and opinions for the clients seeking LPO and KPO services in India. Visit the Contact Point of Perry4Law for Professional Assistance.



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