Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Malware Are Posing Severe Cyber Security Threats In India

Malware are posing significant threat to India yet there is no attention towards it. Cyber Security is missing in India despite the fact that many useful cyber security softwares and tools are available free of cost at the Internet. A recent study by Symantec has confirmed the opinion of Perry4Law that India may emerge as the leader in Malware activities if the cyber security norms are not established for future e-governance initiatives of India. Although figures of malware activities are alarming in India at present yet the failures of e-governance in India have prevented them from being catastrophic. Of course, the matter would be different, rather scary, the moment Indian government would provide “insecure Internet connectivity” to millions of Indian. Time has come to act now on an urgent basis especially when almost negligible costs are involved.



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