Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It seems due to some mischief or users abuses, Google is having some problems with this platform. Some of the accounts of the writers of this platform have been suspended by Google without any prior notice or information. In fact, the procedure specified by Google itself for review of its decision is ineffective and unilateral. If Google suspends an account and a user cannot log in how can he apply for the review of the decision of Google is a big question? This episode has raised serious questions about Google’s policy as well as terms and conditions and the same need to be reformulated to ensure greater users participation.

Meanwhile, while our Writers have “formally notified” Google about these facts they have also decided to shift to
Wordpress to avoid any such future misunderstandings and for better results.

While this platform is accessible to some of the writers of this platform, as a protest we would not be posting any material on this platform any more. All further writings would be posted at “
Techno-Legal News And Views From India” only till we make some alternative arrangements. Kindly bookmark the same.

This platform would be transformed into a “Member’s Only Blog” very soon and public access of the same would be restricted. We respect the “Public Interest” hence this Blog would still remain in public domain for some more time.

With this the knowledge sharing about “Indian Legal Issues” would be changed forever for Blogger as the largest and most extensive sources of Information Providers about Indian Legal Systems would no more share their resources at this platform. We invite you to our Wordpress Platforms like
LNAV. More information would be posted at our Wordpress Platforms subsequently.



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