Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aadhar Project Of India Must Be Suspended And UIDAI Should Be Dissolved Till Proper Laws Are In Place

Pritesh N Munjal

Now it is settled that the aadhar project of India and UIDAI are not legally constituted authorities, they being illegal and unconstitutional bodies is well settled. None can now doubt that the all important Aadhar project is now managed for the benefits of private individuals without any public interest element for the benefit of Indians.

Further, the unconstitutional nature of aadhar project and UIDAI is also further aggravated with its proposed amalgamation with endemic e-surveillance projects like National Intelligence Grid (Natgrid), Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) Project Of India (CCTNS Project), etc that confers tremendous and unregulated powers in the hands of Indian government and its agencies.

Further, in the absence of any privacy law, data protection law and other similar laws, these powers become draconian. The cyber law of India, incorporated in the information technology act 2000, has already been made e-surveillance friendly and cyber crimes friendly.

In similar circumstances, the Natgrid project has been stalled after civil liberty experts objected to its continuance on similar grounds. In fact, demands for scrapping aadhar projects have been on rise.

Time has come to suspend the aadhar project of India and dissolve the UIDAI till proper laws are in place.