Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UIDAI And Aadhar Project Of India Has Still To Cover A Long Way

Catherine Fernandes

A constitutional analysis of the Bill by Praveen Dalal claims that both the UIDAI and Aadhar project of India are still unconstitutional. Praveen Dalal is also the founder of the first Human Rights Centre of India.

According to the analysis, neither UIDAI nor Aadhar Project of India is legally supported by any law. Even the proposed Bill would also take some time before it can come to the rescue of UIDAI.

So much so that even if the proposed Bill becomes an effective and binding law today itself, it is far from being a law respecting the civil liberties of India.

Fundamental rights like right to privacy are at great stake due to the proposed Aadhar project. To aggravate the position, the aadhar project would combine its database with national census, Natgrid, CCTNS, etc.

This would not only violate the civil liberties of Indians but would also make India an e-police State and endemic e-surveillance society.

The Bill is, however, a good administrative scheme as per the analysis and it enhances the transparency, accountability and fairness for the dealings of UIDAI.