Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mr. Nandan Nilekani Your Aadhar Project And UIDAI Is Still Unconstitutional

Kunal Koel

A constitutional analysis of the proposed National Identification Authority of India Bill 2010 (Bill) by Praveen Dalal has revealed that both the UIDAI and Aadhar project are still “unconstitutional”.

The analysis has claimed that the Bill is still not a valid piece of legislation till it is approved by both the Houses of the Parliament, receives President’s assent and then finally notified in Official Gazette by the Government of India.

The analysis also reveals that the Bill never intended to provide adequate safeguards for protection of civil liberties in India.

The analysis came as a part and parcel of the project managed by him and known as Human Rights Protection in Cyberspace (HRPIC). This is the exclusive Human Rights Centre in India that is analysing various issues, including matters pertaining to UIDAI and Aadhar project.

The analysis also claims that the proposed Bill also has many positive features that if supplemented with good privacy and data protection law may go a long way in clearing legal hurdles for the UIDAI.